Stop The Violence & Save Our Youth


Sincear Michael Williams

What A Precious Life Gone Way Too Soon...

Sincear was sixteen years old, he was a smart, happy, loving and helpful young man who loved to have fun. Sincear had an amazing relationship with his family, he was extremely close to his mother and younger brother. He always wore a bright smile which would light up any room, he was humble with an awesome personality.  

In his short 16 years here on earth he did many things. Sincear got his learners permit which he was extremely excited and proud about. He was looking forward to getting his first car once he got his drivers license. Sincear started working when he was very young he'd spend his summer days helping his Step-Father on an UTZ potatoe chip route.  Sincear played football, basketball (his favorite), and also boxed in a Bronx boxing gym since he was 8 years old. Sincears last accomplishment was his two rap songs  "Look At Me" and "Blessings". Sincear was very ambitious he had so many dreams. He was an aspiring rapper and he always talked about what he'd do when he got older. Sincear would always say he was going to open up a sneaker store in every borough because he loved sneakers and fashion. He also wanted to have a recreation center in the area where he use to play basketball, he always said to his mother "kids get in trouble because they don't have anything to do." Sincear attended Bronx High School of Visual Arts where his teachers and classmates loved him very much.

On December 28, 2017 while attending a friends sweet 16 Sincear's life was cut short due to Gun Violence he was shot one time in the face by another young man who some how was able to get his hands on an illegal firearm. Sincear was pronounced dead less than an hour later. 

Sincear's  sudden, tragic death left his family broken, with nothing but memories and broken hearts. In cases like this no one wins both families lose in different ways.

"No Parent Should Have To Bury Their Child"

When a wife dies, her husband is a widower. When a husband dies, his wife becomes a widow. When parents die, their children are called orphans. There is no word or name for the parent whose child dies. Parents burying children is unnatural it should never be. Unfortunately, during these times it's something that takes place more than once each and everyday.