Stop The Violence & Save Our Youth

Forever Sincear Inc.

The Beginning Of Forever Sincear Inc.


My name is Stephanie Garcia I am the founder of FOREVER SINCEAR INC. my organization was founded in April 2018. Unfortunately I started this organization in Memory of my 16 year old son Sincear Michael Williams. 

On December 28, 2017 Sincear was attending a friends sweet 16 at Maestros Catering Hall in the Bronx. I allowed him to go to this event because of its location, Maestros always had such a good reputation in my mind I felt relieved that he was asking to go to an event at this place over other places he’s asked to go to in the past. As he was leaving the party that night he was shot one time in the face at 12:22 am and at 1:05 am Sincear was pronounced dead at Jacobi Hospital. As a mother I could honestly say that I never imagined my son getting murdered. Yes, I have heard many horror stories and I would always talk to Sincear about going certain places, there were many things I wouldn’t allow him to do because I was always afraid of something happening, I just never imagined that “something” being this. Now that this has become my new living nightmare I have learned that anything can happen at any time and anywhere to anyone. Each and every day someone’s life is being taken due to some form of violence. The victims are getting younger and younger. Mothers are forced to live on without their children, some of us have to go on because we have other little people depending on us.

After Sincear was murdered many people suggested I go to therapy, my response was the same for about 3 months “what is that going to do for me?” I refused to eat, comb my hair, shower etc I didn’t want to do anything that required taking care of myself. I didn’t care about bills, rent or anything none of it mattered. I felt as if I had failed my son as a mom I could not save him this was the first time after being a mom for 16 years that I didn’t have a solution to the problem. I allowed him to go somewhere and he was killed at that place. I blamed myself I no longer wanted to live. I didn’t want to take care of my younger son either, I would always say to my mom I don’t even deserve to have him. One day Jaycee said “Mommy you want to die to be with Sin what about me I will be alone.” I will never forget the look on his face, he had the same look on his face when I told him that his brother wasn’t coming back. This is when I realized there was no way for me to make it through this alone I called my advocate who got me signed up to a group for loved ones of murder victims. At first I was afraid of going and still didn’t even understand the point of the group. Once the group started it was the only thing I looked forward to. Wednesday became the best day out the week. Around the fifth week during our group the facilitators mentioned that we only had a few weeks left, that caught me by surprise I will never forget how I felt like my heart dropped and I cried and asked “what will I do without you guys.” They all promised that we would keep in touch but I knew that wasn’t enough. I already had in my mind that I would start my non-profit in memory of my son but my ideas weren’t put together yet. At that point I knew I needed to have peer led support groups that would never end no breaks at all. Forever Sincear Inc.’s peer led support group was the first of many things that I started our first group was July 7, 2018. I feel like grief doesn’t end each and everyday people are affected by loss due to violence, unexpected loss is very traumatizing, sometimes you feel like you are okay and sometimes like your literally losing your mind and in order for someone to fully understand this, sadly they must have also experienced it. There are many other things that I am working on for Forever Sincear Inc.

After watching my 8 year old suffer due to the lose of his older brother I am compelled to in due time start a support group for children that also have lost a loved one to violence. They also need continuous support. 

I had a showcase on April 17, 2018 so that our young people could come out and show off their talent, whether it was rapping, singing, dancing etc. Sincear was an aspiring rapper prior to his murder he had just finished two songs him and his friends were working on. Unfortunately, Sincear wasn’t given the opportunity to show off his talent because his life was cut short. As his proud mother I’d like to encourage all our young girls and boys to chase their dreams don’t be afraid and always remember you can do anything you put your mind to. These are the same words I always told my son. Sincear was active since very young he played Football with the Mustangs, he boxed at Morris Park Boxing, he loved basketball he played and was very good, but always said he wasn’t tall enough. I always told him his height didn’t matter so he would go out and play for hours. 

I always talked to Sincear about the things that were going on in the world. I’d always say “Sin we have to get out of here things are really getting bad out here.” His response was always “Ma things happen everywhere you just only see what’s going on in the Bronx because this is where we are.” Or he would say “Ma kids get in trouble because there is nothing for them to do.”  I hear our talks in our head and those talks have given me the will to keep trying to build up Forever Sincear Inc. I want all our children to hear Sincear’s story and learn from it. No I don’t believe they should be afraid to go to party and enjoy themselves but what I do feel is that the story should be heard and it make them afraid to pick up a gun, afraid to hurt someone, afraid to use violence as the answer to something that could have been left alone. I want our young people to understand that life is so very precious. No one should think it is okay to take someone else’s life. When a murder takes place all people involved lose in different ways. Our youth should know that it’s a waste to take a lose and they should want to strive to be the very best they can be in whatever it is that they’d like to do.

Forever Sincear Inc will be SUPPORTIVE to the grieving families and children, SUPPORTIVE to the growing young people who want to do more than become another statistic. 

We will provide INNOVATIVE ways for our young people to introduce their talents 

We will NETWORK with other agencies to provide assistance in keeping our youth busy with positive activities, mentorship, raising awareness with the hopes that we can live in a safer environment. Hoping that our growing youth will realize there are so many routes that can be taken without VIOLENCE being a resolution.

While working with our growing youth we will be CREATING ENDLESS AVENUES OF RESULTS